Weight Loss Stories & Supportive Community

I narrate Weight Loss stories to encourage those on a health journey. Our community is filled with friendly people who support each other along the way. Scroll down to see our community links and learn more about LukeNarwhal.

Medical Disclaimer

All content on YouTube.com/LukeNarwhal and on the LukeNarwhal Podcast was created for informational purposes only. This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions, including weight loss. LukeNarwhal.com disclaims any and all liability from and in connection with the channel and podcast.

About LukeNarwhal

The channel began in March 2019 with the intent of me narrating stories for fun. The viewers really enjoyed the Weight Loss stories which led to what the channel is today. LukeNarwhal is now a dedicated Weight Loss channel where I read stories to help those on a health journey.

Our Subscribers are known as Narwhals, inspired by the brave unicorn of the sea. I hope the channel has been of some help to you on your journey.

Thank you for being a Narwhal! 🦄